Living in Florida, USA (november 1999 - february 2001)


  Pic 1
Port Royale in Fort Lauderdale.
This was my home for 1 1/2 year.

  Pic 2
Port Royale in Fort Lauderdale.
  Pic 3
Miami Beach (South Beach).
  Pic 4
Fishing boat near Key West

  Pic 5
Alligator Alley (Interstate 75)
  Pic 6
Miami Skyline
  Pic 7
Sunset near Key Biscayne.
  Pic 8
Airboat ride in the everglades.
  Pic 9
BeachPatrol headquarter, Miami beach.
  Pic 10
Epcot Center, Orlando.
  Pic 11
Universal Studios, Orlando.

Equipment used: 

Canon D30 Digital SLR.    D60 is the new model