Spectravideo SVI-328 MKII
A revised version of the SV-328, launched in 1984.  Almost identical on the outside, but with a brand new motherboard inside.


MANUFACTURER   Spectravideo
TYPE   Home Computer
YEAR   1984/1985
BUILT IN LANGUAGE   Microsoft Extended BASIC interpreter
KEYBOARD   Full stroke keyboard with numeric keypad
CPU   Zilog Z80 A
SPEED   3.6 MHz
RAM   64 kB (up to 256 kB)
VRAM   16 kB
ROM   32 kB
SCREEN 0: Text mode 40x24 characters, two colors (background+foregrund).
Fonts are formed using a 6x8 pixel matrix.  Sprites are not available in this mode.
SCREEN 1: High resolution graphics mode: 256x192, 16 colors. Sprites are available.
Colour resolution is 8x1 pixels: that is, for every group of 8x1 pixels, only one foreground/background color pair may be displayed.
This is a standard TMS-9918A limitation.
Text is also supported in SCREEN1, allowing up to 43x24 characters (with two pixels chopped off the 43rd character).
SCREEN 2: Low resolution graphics mode: 64x48, 16 colors.  Sprites are available.
The screen is addressed and formed using full 256x192 resolution, with 4x4 block graphics (each 8x8 pixel matrix holds four low resolution pixels).  Sprites are displayed at high resolution (256x192).
Text is also supported in SCREEN2, allowing up to 11x6 characters (with two pixels chopped off the 11th character)
TEXT MODES   40 chars x 24 lines (optional 80 x 24)
GRAPHIC MODES   256 x 192 dots
SOUND   Three channels, 8 octaves
I/O PORTS   Audio/Video, Tape, Joystick (2), Cartridge, Super Expander
POWER SUPPLY   External power supply.  9V AC & 16V AC out
PERIPHERALS   SVI-904 Data Cassette Recorder, SVI-605/605B Super Expander, SVI-602 Single Slot Expander, SVI-902 Floppy Disk drive (external), SVI-901 Dot Matrix Printer, SVI-805 RS-232 Interface, SVI-105 Graphic Touch Tablet, SVI-803 16K RAM Pack, SVI-807 64K RAM Pack, SVI-802 Centronics Interface, SVI-701 Smart Modem, SVI-801 Dual Disk Drive Controller, SVI-806 80-Column Display adapter, SVI-603 Coleco Game Adapter, SV-101 Quickshot Joystick
PRICE  3600NOK (from Norwegian importer Computer Standard pricelist, dated May 15th 1985)

  SVI-328MKII System Peripheral Map

   SVI-328MKII Users Manual

   Original SV-328 (top) vs SV-328MKII (bottom)

     Inside the SV-328MKII.  A much more streamlinded design compared to the original SV-328.
     Most of the TTL chips is replaced by a ULA chip.
     No shielding as found in the original SV-318 and SV-328.

SV-328MKII   Mainboard
   Early marketing material from Spectravideo lists features as word processing and super terminal software
   built into system ROM.  This was probably planned, but never happened.
   There's reserved space for a extra ROM chip (ROM 01) at the PCB above.  That's probably where the missing software
   was supposed to go.

 The SVI-328 with fully loaded Superexpander


All photos are (C) Roger Samdal